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BMW 740iL V8 in GLEBE, Tasmania for sale

BMW 740iL V8
BMW 740iL V8
BMW 740iL V8
BMW 740iL V8

My beautiful BMW 740iL is up for sale.
This magnificent machine was bought in Melbourne before I re-located to Tasmania.
Car redbook value is $6,900-$8,700.
I am on disability payments now due to I'll health and can no longer afford to maintain a BMW V8.
Last year I put some work into my car. New tyres have only done 4,000kms, it has new front wheel discs, new control arms and new battery. Just recently had new engine belt, belt bearing and idle pulley replaced.
Some lucky BMW lover can take on this luxury car and enjoy it for what they were built for - a driving pleasure! The V8 motor allows the car to sit on or under 2,000 RPM when doing 110km⁄hr on the freeway. You will be excited by the power and smooth ride, having the chance to sit back and enjoy every trip, whether short or long.
Original black leather interior with original woodgrain ensures the originality of the car is maintained. The steering wheel has radio and cruise control buttons, well ahead of any car made in its time. These babies went for $160,000 brand new - and are still worth a pretty penny in good order!
The car has three cosmetic defaults which do not affect the car mechanically:
1) The original computer GPS does not work - but I have included a top of the line GPS with the car to avoid this problem;
2) The inside roof lining has come away from the roof slightly in the back seating area and simply needs re-stitching - I am not a haberdashery expert, but I am sure you know someone who is;
3) The climate control system display has gone and only heater works.
These 3 reasons are why the price is discounted heavily.
BMW Autohaus have done all the work, ensuring BMW originality is maintained.
Car spare key needs to be used. Code generator in primary key has died. I have not replaced it. Spare key works fine, but if you want the second key working, you can get it repaired.
This car has a great history and I have never had a problem with the motor, radiator or any other major part. The car is mechanically sound.
I will consider a car swap, but must be automatic.
So cheap. Spewing I have to sell :(